Left-Handers: Being Different Also Makes Them EXCEPTIONAL. Science Confirms It!


Left-handers: there is now scientific evidence to suggest that you are really exceptional.

20 years ago, it was said that left-handers were more likely to die younger or that they were more fragile people. However, a new study has flipped everything we once knew on its head. Here we list some curious facts and amazing advantages that left-handers have:

1. Nobody knows why left-handed people exist

Despite a lot of research over time, science still can’t be certain about why left-handed people exist. It could be hereditary, passed on by the mother. Another theory is that if there is more testosterone in the mother, the baby is more likely to be left-handed.


2. Nobody knows exactly how many left-handers there are in the world

Several studies have estimates that between 5 and 26% of the population are left-handed. But the results of these studies vary widely depending on each region and culture.

3. Left-handers are better at sports

Approximately 25% of MLB players are left-handed. And it’s not just baseball. In tennis, for example, 40% of the best players are left-handed.


4. They’ve never been eliminated

Some time ago, being left-handed was seen as a disease or a serious problem. Children were forced to write with their right hand and even punished if they didn’t. Nobody could eradicate it. Plus, in ancient cultures, 27% of warriors were left-handed.

5. Left-handers are better at problem solving

Scientists believe that left-handers are better at lateral thinking. That’s why there are so many left-handers in the world of art, industrial technology and science.

The following are some famous left-handers: Marie Curie, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Pablo Picasso, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and Jean Paul Gaultier. They have all stood out in their fields!


6. It can be predicted if a baby will be left-handed before they’re born

Using ultrasound, doctors can detect if a baby will be left-handed. This is possible because 90% of babies tend to suck their right thumb when in the womb. The other 10%… are left-handed.

7. Most left-handers are born at the end of spring or the beginning of summer

Some studies show that most left-handers are born between March and July. With these results, we can conclude that most left-handers are conceived between June and October. Very interesting!