Left Alone On The Street By Its Cruel Owners, The Dog Found Comfort in Hugging His Old Toy


This photo is a story all by itself. Is it really important to know the names of the people who left the dog like that? Or the town they lived in? The pictures appeals to our hearts and makes them wrench with compassion.

This dog belongs to fighting breed. Some people think them to be harsh and unfeeling. But at times our pets become much more human than their owners/ this one needs, CRAVES for compassion, cuddling and love. Sleeping with that old toy it dreams of a sweet and safe home!
The photo has broken my heart. Once a relative of mine has taken out one of my dogs to some place and dumped him there. When got back home after a few days, I did not find the pet. It used to be a naughty one, but it had a home.

Do we really have to love someone for a reason? My story had a happy ending. The dog got back home in few weeks after wondering in this big world. And I have to say his character changed for better. He has stopped doing all the naughty things, but the price for such a change is too high to pay! Let’s hope this pet finds the owners he deserves!