Learn how to create your own 1-acre self-sustaining homestead


An independent lifestyle isn’t as easy as it is written. You have to work for it but if you’re lucky enough to own a property with clear land which you can exploit, it is a decent opportunity which you must take advantage of. If you’re scared about the challenge that lies ahead, we’re here to show you that a self-sustaining homestead can be created on only 1 acre of land! Most important to know before embarking on this kind of project is that you don’t need to have grown up on a farm to succeed in homesteading. In the following tutorial, you will find out how to split your land and arrange all of the things in order to get good results from livestock as well as from crops. Raising dairy cows, managing grazing, rotating the crop, growing the food, water management, it is all there. You need to take a decent amount of time to document yourself about homesteading from the next link and then plan your work ahead. Your dream of self-sufficiency is right at your fingertips!