Kitten trapped in chimney for 3 days is rescued just in time


Jose and Jocelyn Pascual were hanging out inside their home one day when they started to hear tiny meows coming out of nowhere. They searched and searched, trying to find where the sound was coming from — and soon realized it was coming from their chimney.

Once they realized there was a kitten stuck inside the chimney, the couple spent three days doing everything they could think of to try and rescue him, but nothing was working. Finally, the couple’s niece decided to contact Hope for Paws to see if it could help, and rescuers Loreta Frankonyte and Eldad Hagar drove out in the middle of the night in hopes of freeing the very stuck kitten.

As soon as they arrived at the home, Hagar climbed onto the roof to survey the chimney and try to figure out how they were going to go about reaching the kitten. By that point, the kitten had been stuck in the chimney for three days, and everyone knew that his time was running out. Hagar lowered a small camera into the chimney to try and locate the kitten, but he was unable to find him. The kitten had unfortunately stopped meowing, which worried the rescue team even more.

After trying to find the kitten to no avail, the rescuers consulted with the couple and they all agreed that the only way to reach the kitten would be to destroy the wall next to the chimney and reach in to try and grab him.

After clearing all the space around the chimney, Hagar drilled some holes into the wall, and then began tearing away the drywall with his hands to make a giant hole.

Around 2 a.m., Hagar had finally made a hole big enough to reach inside and search around for the tiny kitten who had been crying so desperately for help. Hagar finally found him, and at first, he was worried the kitten had passed away — but suddenly, he started meowing again, and they knew that they had found him just in time.

Frankonyte and Hagar quickly took the kitten into the kitchen and gave him some sugar water to try and revive him a little bit, then rushed him off to the emergency vet, hoping they weren’t too late to help him.

The vets at the emergency hospital fought for the kitten’s life all night long …

… and miraculously, he managed to pull through.

The kitten had to spend several days at the hospital, receiving fluids and regaining his strength, but eventually he was acting just like a normal kitten again. While he was recovering, Melany Gomez, the niece who had contacted Hope for Paws, and her husband Mike came to visit the kitten, and quickly fell in love with him. They also met another kitten whom Hope for Paws had recently rescued from a freeway and who had bonded with the chimney kitten — and the couple decided they wanted to adopt them both.

They named the little rescue kittens Ten and Smokey, and the best friends quickly settled into their loving new home. Both of these kittens survived crazy circumstances and somehow pulled through, and are now getting the best second chance at life.

Watch the full video of the rescue below: