Kidnapped 10-Year-Old Kept On Singing One Song That Made His Captor Stop The Car And Tell Him To Get Out!


Willie Myrick, 13, was brought up by his godmother, Codetta. The woman regularly takes the kid to church and teaches about God. “Faith is important to this house and believing in God is important,” Codetta said.

However, none of them knew Willie’s faith would save his life.

One day, three years ago, the kid was playing in the yard when a man pulled over. He grabbed the boy, locked him in the back of his car and drove away.

In that terrifying situation, Willie turned to faith. He began singing a gospel song “Every Praise.” The kidnapper ordered the kid to shut up but Willie kept on singing for three more hours. Until the man stopped the car and told the kid to get out!

Watch this video to find out more about this incredible story!

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