Kathie Lee and Hoda’s blind audition on the voice have judges turning around in laughter


Being on television is no easy accomplishment. In fact, it requires a lot of talent. These two stars proved themselves to be multitalented performers when they showed up on the stage of The Voice.
Hoda and Kathie Lee are both wildly admired as television show hosts, but they wanted to expand their horizons. They banded together and formed a duet called “The Winos.” These ladies auditioned together on The Voice, and they gave the judges the surprise of a lifetime.

The two strolled onto the stage in matching outfits. They seemed a little nervous, but they were clearly thrilled to be there. “I just pray somebody turns their chair around,” Kris Jenner said in support.

These two stars sang “You’ve Got A Friend” by James Taylor. Kathie Lee started the song, with Hoda complimenting her at every turn. These ladies may not have had much professional practice, but they certainly knew how to rock a stage.

Hoda danced while Kathie Lee sang, getting the whole audience into the groove. The judges knew something strange was going on, but they couldn’t quite figure out what.

Alicia Keys was dancing in her chair as she listened to the women harmonize. Each of the judges were loving the performance, but they were hesitant to turn around. Finally, Kelly broke the ice.


Kelly Clarkson looked completely confused as she listened to the voices, but as soon as she turned her chair around she got a real shock. There were her fellow celebs, having the time of their lives on stage.

The moment she saw them she stood up shouting. Kelly pointed at the women in recognition, and they pointed right back! The excitement won over the final judges. By the end of the song, all four chairs were turned.

“When [Kelly] turned and I saw that, I had to see what was going on,” Blake Shelton admitted. Positive energy was pulsing through the entire room, and the performers could not have been more excited.

After a brief deliberation, the singers decided to go with Kelly as their coach. They’ve certainly proven themselves to be much more than purely hosts.


Maybe Kathie Lee and Hoda aren’t the best singers in the world, but they conquered their fears and had a blast doing it. Their stellar performance reminds us that life isn’t about being the best at whatever you do, it’s about having as much fun as possible.

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