Jim Carrey’s Daughter is 29 now and looks just like her dad


By Helen Rhea
July 15, 2017
There probably isn’t a single person in America that doesn’t know who Jim Carrey is.

This Canadian comedian got international fame when he played roles in movies like Dumb & Dumber, The Mask, Liar Liar, and Ace Venture.

His facial expressions and dramatic gestures make him an instant and memorable favorite.

His daughter, Jane Erin Carrey, was born in 1987. She was frequently seen with Jim on the red carpet and all of his fans fell in love with her.

1-210When she began to grow older, Jane discovered her passion for music. When she was 24-years-old, she auditioned for American Idol and talked about the pressure that comes with being related to a celebrity.



She even mentioned working as a waitress, not wanting to simply live off her father’s fortune.

“It was definitely fun growing up having him as a father, he’s not the most extravagant celebrity so it was fairly normal growing up, fairly,” Jane said.

“It is difficult growing up in the shadow of something and trying to find your place in the world underneath this huge shadow.”

But now, at age 29, she is all grown up and has found her place in the world. She’s even a mom herself!