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You either love Costco or you have never been and so do not know the wonders that it truly beholds–in which case, I am sorry my friend, but you are missing out. First of all, the place has samples. And I’m not talking about one or two samples on Saturdays like most grocery stores, I’m talking about samples at the end of almost every aisle all week long. You could do a single lap around the store and eat enough to constitute a meal. Not like I’ve done that or anything…*ahem*

Anyways….Costco is a wonderful and glorious place that is also full to the brim of things in bulk that you may or may not need, all at exceptionally low prices. Case in point: I never knew that I needed a year’s supply of cooking spray until I found it for just $5 at Costco! Or construction paper? I didn’t have any paper-projects planned until I saw that I could get 684 sheets of that glorious, colorful paper for less than $10. If you, like me, love a good deal, check out these 20 items you should always, always, buy at Costco.

1. Nutella
Nutella is nutritious and delicious (okay, maybe not nutritious), and is great on just about anything. Toast, bananas, apples, strawberries, crackers…However, if you’re like me, and if your Nutella habit is a bit out of hand, you know that the financial struggle can get real real quick. Fortunately, Costco has the solution. At just $.18 an ounce, you can find the creamy goodness for 25% cheaper than any other store. Yes, please.

2. Vino
If you enjoy a glass of wine or two (or four) each night after work, stop wasting your money on 2 Buck Chuck and head on over to Costco. For one, 2 Buck Chuck isn’t $2 anymore–it’s more like $4. For two, that stuff is gross. If you want good wine for cheap–we’re talking $5-$12 cheap–get yourself a membership.


3. Sweet Sounds
Need a new stereo system? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? Costco sells Bose sound systems for anywhere between $30 to $50 cheaper than anywhere else–even Amazon. Top of the line systems have been on sale for as little as $120, compared with Amazon’s low price of $179.99.

4. Syrup
Everybody needs a gallon of syrup. Everybody. Syrup is like sugar and flour, and you’re not truly an adult until you have all three in your pantry. The store’s Kirkland Signature brand is one of the best syrups on the market, and it sells for as low as 32.5 cents per ounce. That’s more than $.20 cheaper than any other grocer wholesaler out there!

5. Cooking Spray

I wasn’t kidding when I said I picked up a year’s supply of cooking spray for less than $5 at Costco. The wholesaler the stuff for more than 50 percent less than their biggest competitor, Walmart, at just 14.7 cents per ounce. Now there’s no excuse to ever make a burnt batch of cookies again.

6. Vanilla Extract
Speaking of cookies…you can’t have a good batch of cookies without some good ole’ pure vanilla extract. Costco sells the real deal for one third of the price of the imitation stuff at any other wholesaler. Costco’s price for pure vanilla: $.62 per ounce. Walmart’s price for imitation vanilla: $1.84 per ounce. #CostcofortheWin

7. Taco Seasoning
You can’t have Taco Tuesday without McCormick’s flavorful seasoning coating your chicken, beef or steak! However, those little packets can add up, with most places selling them for $1.29 to $1.59! That’s like, one night worth of tacos for you and your friends. Costco knows that the struggle is real, and so they decided to sell the spicy goodness for just 17.9 cents per ounce, which equals about $.25 a packet. #Steal

8. 2 lbs. of Active Dry Yeast
If you’ve ever considered taking up bread making, this deal will finally push you to do it. Costco sells two pounds of active dry yeast for less than $5–less than half than what Amazon sells it for and nearly a third of the price at Walmart. The price is so good you can’t not buy it!


9. Energy Saving Lightbulbs
Saving on energy doesn’t mean you have to sit around in the dark. Thanks to Costco’s ridiculously amazing deals on energy efficient lightbulbs, you can have your cake and eat it too–with the lights on! The normal price for a 4-pack of LED 60-watt bulbs is roughly $14.99, but at Costco, you can get the same pack for just $3.99. It’s like they want to help the Earth and your wallet at the same time. #CostcoIsMyHero

10. 684 Sheets of Construction Paper
You never knew you needed construction paper until now, did you? Costco sells the colored paper at roughly 40 percent cheaper than Walmart, the second lowest price around. Costco’s price per sheet: 1.4 cents. Walmart’s? 2.2 cents. Now, you can not only make yourself a Christmas countdown, but you can also make some garlands to hang around your living room, a chain to drape around your tree and a paper mache Santa and reindeer.


11. Cheese
Everyone loves cheese, but let’s face it–the stuff is expensive! Except when you go to Costco…The wholesaler sells the dairy product for just $.15 per ounce, while good old Wally World sells it for .$25 an ounce. Now you know what you’re bringing to Thanksgiving dinner (a cheese platter, duh).

12. String Cheese
No, string cheese is not the same as regular cheese, but like regular cheese, you can find the cheapest price on the fun food at Costco. Frigo string cheese typically sells for 41.6 cents a stick, or $4.99 for a 12-pack, at a standard supermarket. You can wait for a sale and add a coupon to the mix to bring that price down to just .$22-$.24 each or, you know, you could just head over to Costco, where you can pay just 16.7 cents per stick.


13. Almond Butter
Almond butter is like peanut butter but better, and better for you. And thanks to Costco, it’s now better for your wallet. Sprouts Farmers Market sells the stuff for $11 a jar, and Walmart sells their’s for about $.75 an ounce, while Costco sells a product that is just as good (albeit their own brand) for just $.37 an ounce. Thanks Costco, for making healthy living a possibility for many of us!

14. Carter’s Sleepers
If you have a child, you know that the struggle is very real. As if formula and diapers aren’t expensive enough, kids clothes are roughly the same price as what an adult would pay for a t-shirt. The only difference is that that kid is going to outgrow their clothes after one or two wears! There’s $24 down the toilet…Costco feels for us parents and sells Carter’s blanket sleepers for just $7.49, less than half the price than anywhere else. Even on a good day and with stacked coupons, you can’t walk out of Kohl’s without paying at least $8.


15. Organic Spinach
Organic, non-organic–I don’t know the difference and I don’t really care. All I do care about is the price of spinach, which is outrageous considering I’m buying a pack of leaves. Walmart sells their organic spinach for 69.2 cents an ounce, which totals out to roughly $11 per pound. Costco, on the other hand, sells theirs for just $.25 an ounce. You can buy three pounds for almost the price of a single pound when you shop Costco. #YesPlease

16. Stretch Island Fruit Strips
Remember those fun, fancy looking fruit rollups you used to love as a kid? Well, now you can love them as an adult! Costco sells the sugary strips for just $.22 a strip, half of what Walmart sells them for. Stock up, because once you start eating them again, you won’t be able to stop!


17. Car Rentals
Okay, so this isn’t something that you can actually keep, but it’s a good-to-know if you ever need a rental! The average 3-day car rental costs roughly $150 through any major rental company, but book your reservation through Costco and you could pay as little as $50! If you weren’t thinking about planning a road trip for any time soon, I bet you are now.

18. Rotisserie Chicken
Okay, so pre-cooked chicken isn’t that much cheaper at Costco than it is anywhere else (about $1 less, on average), but the thing about Costco’s chickens is that they’re bigger–approximately a whole pound bigger! If you’re pinching pennies, rotisserie chicken from the wholesaler is the way to go.


19. Honey
With the cold weather coming, you definitely need some honey. Before you can say, “But it’s too expensive!” consider Costco’s sweet deal on the sweetener. At most supermarkets, a 24-ounce jar is $8.99, but at Costco, you can get double that amount for a little more than $11.

If you don’t already have a Costco membership, I’d suggest you go out and get one, pronto.

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