It looks like the world’s tiniest car, but look what happens when he opens the door!


When Mikael Kjellman from Sweden drives to work, he’s used to getting some confused looks. Not many people have ever seen a car as tiny as his. And this clever man built his ride completely on his own — investing a pretty penny and many hours of hard work. He calls it the «PodRide» and he hopes that his idea will soon catch on around the world.


This car has all the features of a normal one. It even has a trunk, even if it is a few sizes smaller.


But that’s okay for Mikael, because he just attaches a trailer if he needs a bit more storage space.


Here’s a normal-sized car for scale. He’s made sure he sits at eye-level so the other cars on the road can see him.


But the real highlight is what lies under the hood, because this alleged car isn’t really one at all! Mikael has actually built a new kind of electric bicycle. «The real idea behind the PodRide is a weatherproof, comfortable e-bike,» commented Mikael.


The car is equipped with a 250-Watt electric motor and a battery that lasts for up to 40 miles. But the size and performance of the car/bike hybrid allows Mikael to ride on roads, bike lanes and trails.


The motor in the PodRide makes it easy to climb hills that would be brutal on a normal bike.


He steers and brakes with levers to the right and left of his seat.


The comfy seat is well-cushioned, so riding over gravel or uneven roads isn’t a problem.


And safety is also at the forefront of his design. His invention can drive up to 15 mph, has lights and a blinker, a windshield wiper, and a small heating system.


The PodRide is small, but it’s sure to make big waves. If parking is a problem in your neighborhood, you can easily store it indoors. Mikael been commuting with this little guy for a year now and has absolutely no complaints.


You can watch this video to see the PodRide in action:

To date, there is just the one PodRide out there. Mikael hopes that investors will soon support the idea so more people can peddle their way around town. Nice work, Mikael! Let’s hope this trend catches on.