Internet Tries to Solve This Simple Arithmetic Equation


Sometimes even the simplest arithmetical problem can baffle and cause heated discussions about the ways of solving it. Recently, the Curiosity community published this tricky problem.

Can you solve this?


It turned out that Google gives out one answer (this is 7), but old calculator — another (that is 1):

1Which one is correct?

According to comments of the community’s visitors, the most popular answers are 7 and 1 (as the old calculator shows), but there were also individuals who got 6 or even 5 in result. However, there is only 1 correct answer. Mathematics is an exact science.

Additional confusion is cased by the absence of brackets, so «pupils» should remember some rules from schools times. Only this will help them receive correct answer.

Let’s recall school curricula, add brackets in your mind and get the correct answer…

6 — (1*0) + (2/2) = 7