Impossible burgers headed to more restaurants after $114 million investment


Known as the vegan burger that “bleeds,” the Impossible Burger has earned a loyal fan base since its debut. In the last year the mouthwatering meatless patty has shown up on hundreds of restaurant menus across the country.

The burger is a top menu item nearly everywhere it’s served, according to Food News Media. “The Impossible Burger is one of those rare menu items that brings new customers in the door and keeps them coming back,” says David Lee, Impossible Foods’ chief operating and financial officer. In fact, when sold alongside beef burgers, the vegan Impossible Burger outsells its meat-based competitors.

And the company shows no signs of slowing down. Just last year, Impossible Foods purchased a 67,000-square-foot processing plant in East Oakland, California—churning out more than 1 million burgers every month!

And now, the company is making headlines after receiving a $114 million investment to expand at home and internationally! Online news source Plant-Based News reports:

As part of its expansion, Impossible Foods will announce availability in additional mainstream American restaurants later this month. After that, the company will launch its first international market later this month in Asia. Asia drives 44 percent of the world’s demand for meat, and the rate of consumption is growing faster than any other region.

The company’s expansion is great news for the countless animals who will be spared a lifetime of suffering. And in addition to being a delicious alternative to inherently cruel meat, the Impossible Burger is much better for the planet, using 75 percent less water and 95 percent less land. It also produces 87 percent less greenhouse gas than a beef burger.

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