If You See A Purple Blob On The Sand This Summer, Do Not Approach It



The summertime means beach time. A lot of us are ready to put on our bathing suits, smudge on some sunscreen and hit the water. For people who live away from the coast, swimming in the lake is pretty safe from any major water creatures.
For those of you who have the ocean close by, you’re probably not too worried about it. Or maybe the fear of a shark or a poisonous fish swimming up against your foot is hanging in the back of your mind.

Well, we’re about to add another sea creature to the list of what to watch out for this summer. We recommend you stay pretty far away from this animal because its bite can put your health at some serious risk. It is called the Portuguese man-of-war.
According to National Geographic, these beautiful purple-blue blobs “entice people to take a closer look.” Its appearance draws you in closer.


But we would move towards the opposite direction if we were you. Its sting is powerful and will not only hurt in the moment but after as well.

National Geographic describes its features as looking like a “glass-blown ship at full sail,” which perfectly explains the origin of its unique name.3
It also allows the creature to go where the wind takes it, which is why it sometimes ends up on the beach.


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