If You Look At This Lady For 15 Seconds, She Will Turn Into Cute Creature. Don’t Believe? Try Now!


Forget about black-or-blue dress and other riddles. Attention of Internet users in now focused on new optical illusion.

You need to look at the white dot on the negative picture for 15 seconds. After this, look at the white space on the right.


Do you see this?

The demonic image of a woman transforms into the beautiful and colorful face of young brunette.

How does this work?

Such illusions are referred to the category of ‘negative afterimages’. The afterimage is one of the visual aftereffects — the through effect which appear as a result of eye’s adaptation to some visual stimulation. After long eye fixation on some object or after the bright flash, a person keeps on seeing the trail of the image, even if the object is no longer in the range of vision.

Kim Juno from the University of New South Wales (Australia) explains:

“All tints and colors are codes. In the back part of your eye, there are three neuronal channels that lead directly to the brain. One channels codes black (and its contradiction — white) color, the second — red (and green, accordingly), the third — blue (and yellow). These are the tints which our brain uses for forming all other colors around us.”

When we are looking at something yellow, for example, for too long time, we stimulate cells that are positively sensitive to yellow color.

The cells’ activity increases and later reduces only with time. Finally it stops completely.

When we are looking at solid background, for example, at grey wall, our eyes still see the previous image evoked by the remaining activity by that very cells.

When eye fatigability vanishes, this effect disappears too.

Look at the dot again. Do you see the cute brunette now?