“I Gave Up My Wife For A Young Girl, And Now I Live Like In A Jail”


It’s hard for me to talk about this, but I need to speak out.

There were lots of events that we have experienced with my wife for these 35 years. We brought up wonderful children. Each of them has a firm marriage and job with good prospects. But this is all the merit of my wife who was praying for them for all these years.

When we retired, me and my wife decided to make an investment in once business. And I should say that everything went off all right! We never had such money before, and I was on could nine from happiness. It seemed to me that my life changed, and I was even offered to enter the «billionaire’s club». What else could I want?

But I started to think that now one woman was not enough for me despite the fact that we lived for so many years together.

We bought luxurious cars, moved to area of good address, we were invited to different private events. There were so many young beauties around me, and all my friends were accompanied by young girls…

These ladies looked at me the way that made me melt. They were saying things because of which I was feeling myself at the top of the world. I was spending money not counting them. And then I met Dolly. Young, beautiful, sexy. It seemed to me that she was ready on anything, and I couldn’t resist. But Dolly had one condition: I had to marry her.

My first woman was always supporting me in any situation and never made me suffer. She brought up our children and made them successful and happy people. This is all her merit. And I… I can’t explain how this happened…

Dolly invited me to house to get acquainted with her mother. She turned to be of the same age with my wife, and she cooked wonderful dinner. Then she started to set conditions explaining them with care for her daughter. Dolly’s mother was divorced. She and her daughter gave me three months to divorce with my wife and settle all things. Otherwise, I would never see Dolly again. Did I promise to do everything the way they demanded? I don’t remember.

At home, I started to blame my wife in absolutely everything. We were quarrelling every day, and I started to hate her. At the family meeting, I decided to «finish her off». I told relatives about all her «sins» such as excessive weight and fanatical attitude to faith. I compared her prayers with spells and even blamed her for having affairs with a priest…

My ex-wife stood hardily against my accusations, and said at the end: I know what happened. I give you away to this young beauty you dangle after. Then all relatives attacked her. Once my wife helped my younger sister in a dreadful situation, and now she even hit her saviour. I was simply watching.

She left that day. She didn’t take anything with her despite the fact that most of things at home belonged to her. She even managed to persuade children who tried to interfere at the beginning.

I paid a huge ransom for Dolly to her greedy relatives. For two weeks, during which our honeymoon lasted, I felt myself as a king. Who wouldn’t feel pleased when a sexy beauty accompanies him at the parties? But that was all. Now I live in hell.

With Dolly, my savings melt like snow in spring. She is heartless and ignorant. We even stopped making love: I’ve got problems in male sphere. It seems to me that she has somebody.

I can’t tell anyone about this. I miss my wife. I miss her kind heart. No one controls my menu, and now I have several diseases that appeared. Dolly doesn’t do anything, she stays at home all day long. She gave birth to a child, but is this my child? Communication with him doesn’t bring me the same happiness it does when I spend time with my children and grandchildren.

Children fell off me. Their mother is fine. God always answered on her prays. Without me, she looks even happier and younger.

‎Because of Dolly, I stopped communication with my family. I feel myself a prisoner — inside my soul and inside my own house. Mistake that I made is awful, but I can’t tell anyone about it. I suffer. Suffer and smile. There are things I can’t write even in a letter.

It’s not about Dolly. Even if she was an angel, now I understood that you can’t experience the rise with someone when your life goes to the sunset. No matter how hard I wanted this, I can’t be a man who is in the peak of his virility.

I would give everything to bring things back. Sometimes I dream: how wonderful it would be to get old with someone with whom you spent your youth. I sincerely envy the couples that saved their marriage in mature age.

I still don’t lose hope to make peace with my wife, but she doesn’t let me get close. I sent her gifts but she returned them. She says she forgave me but she doesn’t want to have anything with me.

God help me…