Husband Dies Suddenly, Then Wife Goes To His Restaurant And Finds Coworkers With A Surprise


In 1991, Yianni and his wife DeeDee opened Pizza Bella in Bedford, New Hampshire. It quickly became a go-to pizza joint known for its good food and friendly atmosphere, thanks to Yianni’s culinary talent and people skills.

When Yianni passed away unexpectedly at the age of 54 in 2012, DeeDee lost her heart and soul. She couldn’t even step foot into the restaurant, despite the fact her employees were depending on her to pick up the pieces. From the mortgage to payroll, keeping the restaurant afloat without her beloved Yianni seemed overwhelming and impossible.

Over time, DeeDee realized that the best thing for her to do was lead by example, which meant she had to learn how to run the business all by herself. When her family and friends told Eastern Bank about DeeDee’s journey, they all decided to ban together as one. Without DeeDee knowing a thing, they were able to pull off an incredible surprise.

First, the bank sent DeeDee on a luxurious spa weekend, and that alone was enough to leave her floored —but that’s not all. While DeeDee was off getting primped and pampered, something major was happening behind the doors of Pizza Bella.

By the end of this video, I was reaching for my tissue box… but I won’t give it away.

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