Hunters Were Posing With Their Trophy When Nature Demanded Its Payment…


Let’s be honest, hunting is a deplorable activity. It means killing a living being just for pleasure. You’re attacking a helpless animal just for fun. It is something we can’t understand.

But in some occasions, nature scores some points in its favor.


One of those situations happened in South Africa, where two hunters were happily –and sickly– posing in front of their prey: a majestic lion.

But quickly enough, nature collected the price. Another lion followed the hunters and attacked them.


The images were retrieved by Jayden Tanner and shared under the motto “stop the trophy hunting” assuring some organizations are dedicated to raising exotic animals just to be killed by tourist. Those tourists pay over 35 thousand dollars to hunt an exotic animal. This activity must stop.

Some people would say the images are not real, and technically they’re not, but the problem we face is real, and we can’t simply ignore it.


Here you have the original video posted by Tanner: