Huge Horse Suddenly Collapses To The Dusty Ground, Then Kicks Up His Legs And Begins To Fart


One hilarious farting horse has the whole world in tears of laughter after shamelessly showing off his incredibly loud, digestive talent!
Passing gas might be a kind of gross topic, but we all do it! People, dogs, and, yes, even horses occasionally feel the need to let one fly.
We think of horses as dignified, stately creatures. The truth is, everyone has a goofy side!
In fact, here at LittleThings, we’ve seen a farting horse or two. Just check out this hilarious stableful of horses releasing some toots in their sleep.
It’s just nature. Horses, like people, eat food and then digest it. Since horses have a particularly high-fiber diet, it’s not too surprising that they have bouts of gassiness, too.
Besides, this particular horse, Archy, from the Rocking Horse Ranch, is having the time of his life!

He flops over on his back for a dust bath, then immediately lets the first (of many) rip.
Horses actually love releasing all that pent up gas, because it can get really uncomfortable in there and cause equine colic, or uncomfortable gas pain. As dads everywhere have always said, “Better out than in!”
Scroll through to see this hilarious and shameless farting horse in action, and don’t forget to abrozzi his crazy antics!