How Long Can You Freeze These Food Items Before They Go Bad?


I bet you didn’t know this!

What do you do when you have extra food? Either you eat like Joey did when his fridge broke down or you can store it like a mature adult. Of course, you save it up in a fridge unless you want to take a trip to the hospital.

But like anything in life, there is an expiry date to this as well. You can save the food for only so long till it goes bad and every food item has a particular time span. Check these items out!

How long do you think can you store fruits?


You can store normal fruits in the fridge for like 9-12 months, but when it comes to citrus, they have a time limit of 3 months.



Here’s a list of a few seafoods that you can store for like months:

— Crabs can be saved for 10 months.

— Shrimps for 3-6 months.

— Fish for 2-3 months.

— Lobsters for 12 months.

— Oysters for 2-3 months.

Soups and Broths


To your amusement, you can save a meat broth for 2-3 months.

— Meat soups for 2-3 months as well.

— Veg soups for 2-3 months.

— And even veg stews for 2-3 months.


If you have a frosted cake with you and want to store it, then you can do it for a month maximum.

— Fruit pies for 6-8 months.

— Cheesecakes for 2-3 months.

— Pancakes for 3 months.

— Waffles for 1 month.

— Muffins for 6-12 months.



There are different kinds of meat and all of them have their own dates.

— Beef chops: 4-6 months

— Pork chops: 4-6 months

— Lamb: 9 months

— Sausages: 1-2 months

— Ground turkey/pork: 3-4 months

— Bacon: 1 month

— Cooked poultry dishes: 4-6 months

— Chicken: 3-4 months

— Cooked ham: 2 months



If you’re wondering if the juice kept in your fridge is safe to drink or not, then this might help.

— Concentrated juices are safe for 12 months.

— Homemade juices for 6 months.

Dairy Products


Whenever one thinks of a fridge, the first thing that pops up in one’s mind is dairy products. They can be saved for a time duration like:

— Ice-cream for 2 months.

— Tofu for 5 months.

— Cottage cheese for 1 month.

— Yogurt for 1-2 months.

— Cheese for 6 months.

— Butter for 6-9 months.

— And eggs for 1 month.



When it comes to unbaked bread, then you can store it for a month. And if it’s baked bread, then for 2-3 months.



Our dear vegetables can be stored for at least 8-12 months.


his one might make you happy because pizzas can be stored for 1-2 months at a stretch.

BRB, going to buy a month worth pizzas.

Now that you know the real-time limit, go fill up your fridge already!