Horse And Kitten Form A Surprising Unbreakable Bond


Meet Sappy the cat and Dakota the horse—a pair of best friends who have been completely inseparable since they first met!


Sappy and Dakota’s owner, Denice Hallam Kinney, adopted Sappy when he was a kitten. She brought Sappy to the horse stalls to meet Dakota, and the two quickly it hit off.

“As the little fella started to grow I noticed he would be laying next to the horse as he grazed,” Denice Kinney told The Dodo. “If the horse laid down, he would lay on him. I’ve even seen him crawl up his tail to get on his back!”


Since Dakota is a bit older than Sappy, he acts like a father to him. The horse looks after the cat, making sure that he’s happy and healthy. The two also enjoy cuddling together, and Sappy will often climb onto Dakota’s back and take naps!

“The cat is in his stall every day during feeding time and after feed time,” Kinney said. “I always set down the container and they both come. If I go riding the cat goes along like a dog would!”

Kinney shared a video of the two best friends. The video shows how gentle Dakota is with Sappy, and it shows how much love there is between the two of them.

This sweet video of Sappy and Dakota went viral, and it received over two million views. Everyone loved seeing this unique pair. Some people also shared photos of their own cat and horse best friends!


Other commenters shared sweet stories about cats and horses that they’d owned in the past.


Dakota knows that there’s a big size difference between him and his cat friend, and so he’s always careful when he’s with Sappy:

“A horse person will realize that the horse could easily have already harmed the cat but he is gentle even when he gets ahold of the nap of his neck,” Kinney said. “They are quite the pair. They truly have a special bond.”


Kinney also has a yellow lab who lives on her farm. The pup and Sappy have more of a sibling rivalry relationship—the two enjoy play-fighting together!

Dakota and Sappy are a pair of animals who have formed a truly unbreakable bond together. These two animals are as sweet as can be!