Hold the Phone: “Golden girls” granny panties are a thing


I don’t care how old or how young you are; if you don’t appreciate The Golden Girls, we can’t be friends. The show is objectively hilarious and holds up extremely well, which is probably why, even though I’m almost 40, I have a number of friends who count it among the best ever.

They – and you – are going to squeal when you get a look at these “granny panties,” inspired by the ladies themselves.


They’re the brainchild of Etsy shop Harebrained, and they’re 95% cotton and 5% elastane (as if you care).

Right now, each pair features all four of the ladies, as well as the tagline “Thank you for being a friend.”

Everyone needs these.


And ladies, may I suggest wearing these as a last line of defense in weeding out losers before getting all the way naked – if they don’t think your Golden Girls panties are the bomb, go ahead and show them the door.

Update: They seem to be sold out – let’s say “pretty please make some more!!” And maybe some designs with the individual ladies this time…