Hilarious photos of cat falling in love with a heater during cold weather will make your day


It’s been really cold with snow here and there around the world. Everyone just wants to hurry home to hide from the bitter cold outside. Cats are no different (except they don’t HAVE TO go out), and they are not afraid to show such undying love for heaters. Just take a look at Busao from Japan!

“Japan is so cold right now! All he wants is to warm up more,” Busao’s owner Ryuji Tan said. Pictures of the cat surfaced on the Internet and people are in love. He looks so cozy and warm next to his favorite heater!

Ryuji Tan adopted Busao from the streets of Ibaraki, where he lives. “Busao was originally a stray cat,” he told the interviewer. “I think that he is about 9 years old.” Pictures of his beloved cat on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, so be sure to follow him if you feel the need to add a little warmth to your News Feed!

Oblivious to his fame, Busao’s contented look suggests that he will be spending the whole winter in exactly the same place. Cozy and warm right next to his beloved heater. If only we could do the same…

Scroll down below to check out Busao’s pics, and let us know what you think in the comments!










Source  purrworld.com