Here’s A New King Of Pop: His Name Is Kingsley, He’s 8 Years Old… And He Dances Like He’s Possessed!


When one witnesses the talent of a boy, there are simply no words to describe what we feel, that mix of endearment and wonder. That’s what you’ll experience when you see this little boy imitating one of Michael Jackson’s dance routines.


Kingsley is just 8 years old, but his ability to impersonate is amazing. Every execution, movement and gesture he makes is an exact copy of the late king of pop.


Kingsley, despite belonging to a generation which didn’t witness the life of the magnificent singer and dancer, has loved him his whole life, thanks to the influence of his cousin, who is a Michael Jackson fan.


Kingsley appeared on Go Talent for kids in Indonesia and, as expected, took all the applause. His performance is simply breathtaking.


Michael, there’s a new king in town.