Her Velvet Voice Made The Judges Cry, But When They Saw Who Was Singing, They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes


Sometimes children can do things that only some adults can, and others only dream of. It is practically about everything in life: from daily chores to incredible abilities some of us have.

What is more, it is not enough just to possess the talent and be proud of it. The main point here is to develop it and show to the word. Only this way, you will get noticed and will be able to pursue your goal.


This Ukrainian girl is a vivid example of not only a powerful voice but also a great willpower. She came all the way from Ukraine to Germany to show what a talent she’s got!


Not to say less, the judges were thrilled. After the first few sounds of “Con te partirò” («Time to Say Goodbye»), their faces changed, as it was clear that everything is getting serious. It was the middle of the song when some of them were crying, stunned by the voice of the girl.


Finally, one of the judges pressed his button. It meant that he wants to have the singer on his team. It was natural and expected as the girl’s voice and the entire performance were brilliant. She was standing on the stage as if she were an adult with lots of years of experience.


Watch the video here and say what you think.