Her Mother-In-Law Intended to Ruin Her Wedding…Then Her Real Mother Stepped In


Wedding is one of the most memorable days of a loving couple! And women think of it as a glory of beauty, love and happiness. And it is, indeed! Unless someone poach in other people‘s business or wedding. And we all know life happens, so such situations are real.

Jennifer‘s wedding was coming closer, and nothing could ruin her good mood. Even her parents‘ recent divorce wasn‘t such a tragedy to her.


Her mother, finally have chosen a perfect dress for the wedding. And her daughter was looking forward seeing her mother on a wedding, looking like a goddess in that dress.


But a week later Jennifer was shocked when discovered her young mother-in-law has bought the same dress as her mother.


Jennifer asked her to exchange the dress to another beautiful dress, but her mother-in-law refused to do that: “No way! I look like a million dollar woman in it, that is why I‘m wearing it to the wedding!”


Jenny, told her mother about this unfortunate situation, but the mother only smiled and said “Don‘t be upset, darling, it is your special day! I will figure this out!”

Few days later they have found a new gorgeous dress for Jenny‘s mother.


Jennifer asked her mother “Are you going to return previous dress? You don‘t need it anymore”

Mother‘s face lightened with a smile: “Oh sweetie! I am going to wear it to a rehearsal dinner! ”