Hear The Amazing Lyrebird Who Can Mimic All The Birds Of The Forest And Can Even Mummer Sounds Of Camera Lens


The lyrebird is one of Australia’s most well-known and loved birds, easily mimicking any sound he hears, from chainsaws to car-horns and all the birds of the rainforest.

In this astonishing video, the chameleon bird manages to showcase its incredible vocal abilities, with impressive impersonations of cameras, birds and what sounds like laser beams.

It imitates a range of native birds including the kookaburra and seems to incorporate laser beam noises into its repertoire, which also sounds like a camera lens.

The unusual phenomenon stares down the lens of the camera, copying each and every sounds that comes its way.

The lyrebird is capable of producing one of the most elaborate bird songs in the world.

This bird can copy ANY sound it hears!

This bird can copy ANY sound it hears!Turn on your ? this is SO amazing!

Posted by Daily Mail on Dienstag, 25. April 2017