He Wanted To Get A Tall Horse, But This Towering Giant Gets Far Taller Than He Could Ever Expect


Do you know how tall the biggest horses in the world are? The correct answer is actually a bit shocking.

There is a breed of horses that are more than 8 ft tall! Have you ever met one of those giants? If you haven‘t, get ready! Because now you will!

So, ladies and gentlemen! Meet the Shire horse, the world‘s biggest and strongest horse!


Just look at how big they are compared to ordinary horses!


However, these towering giants seem to be friends with litlle ones. Just look at this baby donkey being introduced to the powerful Shire horse named Uncle Buster!


The Shire horse is a breed of draft horse, established in England back in the 18th century. Throughout its history, the breed has been popular for pulling brewery wagons delivering ale to customers.


These horses are incredibly strong! They have an enormous capacity for pulling weight. At an exhibition in England in 1924 two Shire horses pulled an estimated weight of 45 tons.


The breed comes in many colours, including bay, black and grey.

Shire Draft horse stallion, 16 years old

Shire Draft horse stallion, 16 years old


Shire Draft horse stallion, 16 years old

The Shire horses are mild mannered and very friendly.


Riding draft horses bareback is something that will give you a thrill!


You want to get a Shire horse? Are you sure? At first, listen to farmer Ruth Blair who owns a beautiful giant named Lincoln. “Lincoln eats 24 apples, 2st carrots, 11lbs of spinach and five cabbages daily. Feeding him would cost an estimated £28.50 per day from a supermarket,” he tells. Luckily to Ruth, he has a friend who is a fruit and veg company boss.


Just look at these beautiful horses! Don‘t they look like a majestic miracle?


They are so big, but graceful at the same time


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