He’s Too Heavy To Leave The House, But He Transforms With Exercise In 600 Days


For years, Ronnie Brower struggled with his weight. Suffering from depression, he believed food would help. He would eat an entire pizza, 20 cheeseburgers, and fries in one sitting.

Ronnie would eventually reach 675 pounds, making it difficult for him to leave the house. However, something changed in him a few years ago. Ronnie decided to do a complete 180 with his life, devoting himself to diet and exercise.

After 600 days and a motivating Taylor Swift soundtrack, Ronnie dropped 475 pounds. Not only that, he met the love of his life in the process.

While Ronnie was undergoing his transformation, a woman named Andrea was undergoing one of her own.

Andrea had lost 120 pounds. Soon after they met at the gym, Ronnie swept her off her feet.

There was still one hurdle for Ronnie to overcome: his incredible weight loss left him with about 35 pounds of excess skin. He underwent a 15-hour surgery to remove it, though a few scars remain. He doesn’t mind — in fact, he tells people he was bitten by a shark. Most importantly, the scars are just more proof of his hard work and dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

See how he looks after his total body transformation in the video below.

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