He Found An Abandoned Dog Who Was Holding A Plastic Bag. When He Looked Inside, His Hair Stood On End!


Paul Skinner, 58 years old, was riding his bike with a group of friends when he saw something move in the gutter, immediately catching his attention. When he approached, he discovered that what was moving, was a cocker spaniel, apparently abandoned, with a bag underneath her, the contents of which were chilling.


The bag contained 4 dead puppies, and it looked as if they had all been born the same day. The cyclist and his friends called the police and a dog shelter, who took the cocker spaniel dog, now called Carly.


It seems Carly was abandoned by her owners, together with her newborn puppies, who met a tragic end, but their mother never left them.

Let’s hope this story makes it clear that our pets, like us, also feel pain and sadness.