He Discovered A Homeless Couple Living In The Forest. When He Found Out The Reason Why, All He Could Do Was THIS


A police office from Tampa Bay, Florida, was doing a patrol through a forest area when he came across something very unusual. He had previous known of cases such as these, but he didn’t exactly know how to act.

Inside the Manhattan Avenue forest, this police officer discovered a camping tent and what appeared to be an inhabited area; in fact, it all belonged to a couple, Evelyn and Rocky. They were homeless and had been living in the forest for 3 years. They lost a son and in that moment they decided to leave everything behind because of the depression they were suffering.


This was the second catastrophic loss in Evelyn’s life who, years earlier, lost another son in a car accident.


When the police officer asked them about their situation, he understood everything. Dealing with those great losses hasn’t been easy for them. Another difficulty they’ve had is that they have never been able to get married, despite being together for so many years, because they can’t afford the $93 which they simply don’t have.

The officer decided he wouldn’t let them go like that, he wanted them to have a new beginning. Together with the owners of several stores in the city, they raised $20,000 to give them a beautiful wedding.


Now married, Evelyn and Rocky not only share their last name, but they also share a small apartment. This new home wouldn’t have been possible without the officer’s kindness and the support of the community.