Happy Mother Had Triplets, But When She Took Them Home She Discovered Something Very Unusual!


Becki Allen and Liam Tierney had a daughter, and they decided to get pregnant again so the family would be bigger. Becki began suffering frequent nausea and severe headaches, leading the couple to think that there was complications with the pregnancy. However, when they went to the doctor they were in for a big surprise: they were expecting triplets.


Everything was fine until the mother started having contractions in her 31st week of pregnancy. The babies were still very small, but doctors had to remove them by cesarean. Fortunately, after being under observation and intensive care for 6 weeks, the little triplets were ready to go home. In the case of multiple babies, it’s most common that they develop in separate eggs and are therefore look physically different.


But Becki and Liam could barely tell apart their kids, all three looked identical. When they did a DNA test, they determined that all three had developed in a single egg and were therefore identical. The doctors were amazed at the news, given that it’s a very unusual occurrence.


Although the parents have already learned to tell them apart, the mom explains that when they’re sleeping she doesn’t know which one is which. However, when they wake up they all have completely different personalities and some birthmarks to tell them apart.