Gymnast, Hovering Over The Mat, Challenges Laws Of Physics


In 2013 at the world championship on men’s acrobatic tumbling a young British sportsman, Kristof Willerton, demonstrated such skills and mastership, which are hardly abided by any gravitation laws. When watching his performance I had an idea that he was almost hovering over the floor mat. But the most amazing part of his program was expecting the spectators at the end of his performance when the acrobat carried out a double somersault that was practically a standing jump! I could have never imagined that the human’s body is able to perform anything of the kind. His jumps and rolls in the air were so quick and steady; he performed them one by one without delays so easily! The physical power and agility revealed by this guy are just incredible!

Kristof is a 20-year old student studying biochemistry at Oxford. He was the first British who won the gold medal at the world championship on acrobatic tumbling.

There’s no wonder that this sportsman gained the lead in the contest. His talent is sensational. Please, Liked Video this wonderful video.