Girl With Special Needs Grabs Street Performer’s Hand, Then She Steals The Show


Street performers are often overlooked. Whether it’s a busy morning commute or a rushed travel home after work, we can walk by without even giving them a second look at times. However, it’s the ones who get people to form crowds, start singing along, or interact with their performances that can truly change hundreds of strangers’ lives as they walk around the city streets.

The Unknowns is a group of five talented and dedicated men who perform music of all kinds. From stages to the streets, they stop people in their tracks. The group is made up of Joey Vice, Sonny Wilde, Daniel Lyster, Rahdeem “Jet” Baskin, and Kenny Sway.

In the video below, you’ll be able to see lead vocalist Kenny serenading a young stranger with Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

As he’s singing, an adorable little girl with special needs walks up to him. Instead of ignoring her or turning away, though, he grabs her hand as she reaches out and continues to sing.

He serenades her, and as she grabs her heart, all of ours melt.

This simple moment is so kind and beautiful, I can’t imagine how this little girl and her family felt — or how great it made The Unknowns feel, too.

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