Girl gets epic wedgie going down house boat slide


Omg, this is one of the funniest videos I have seen in a long time. This girl had one bad day. And that’s a pretty hard feat, considering she’s on a houseboat! Those are the best! You’ve got everything you need under one roof, including a slide!
The slide off the houseboat was the downfall for this girl. It started innocently with her mom encouraging her to go ahead and “go for it.”

Well, go for it she did and the next thing the girl knew, her bathing suit got caught on top of the slide! Even though she gets stuck, she keeps going – stretching her suit to cause the ultimate wedgie. She immediately screams “Ouch!” and I would too. That’s gotta hurt!
When her mom realizes what has happened to her daughter, she can’t help but laugh. Can you blame her? It’s not every day you get to witness an accidental EPIC WEDGIE!

Usually people are giving each other wedgies. No, thank you – that’s my worst nightmare of a pastime. My brother used to do it to me, and I’m just not down with it. You can really get injured!

This young girl won’t soon forget this incident. I’m sure before she tries out a slide – for the rest of her life – she’ll be checking for potential screws to get caught on. I’m just hoping she had another bathing suit, so she can change and give the slide a shot again. It looked like so much fun! (If she had made it to the water.)

Man, summer can’t come soon enough. To be out there on the lake in a houseboat, grillin’, chillin’ and doing water sports? They’re so much better than snow sports! Plus, you can get some great Vitamin D from the sun. But don’t forget your sunscreen! Or an extra bathing suit…LOL!

Do you have any epic wedgie videos?