Giant Python Unexpectedly Slips Onto Golf Course, Then Man Grabs Camera To Record His Next Move


Two golfers were enjoying a peaceful day in South Africa when they came across an uninvited guest.

As they looked out into the green grass, they noticed a long figure sliding along. The animal they were staring at was, in fact, a snake. However, this was no ordinary snake — it was an enormous python.

One of the men grabbed a camera to capture the python’s monumental size as it slithered through the grass.

In the video below, posted on May 11, 2017, everything seems to sit still as the python slowly wriggles along through the turf. The man behind the camera captures the python in whole, but its size only becomes apparent when the other man walks into the frame as well.

Once he steps his foot in, you can see how long the python’s body is when compared to the size of the man standing next to it.

As the gargantuan python slides along the grass, the pattern of his skin becomes simply mesmerizing. The man zooms in to his special visitor’s scales to show off his coloring.

Then the standing man goes to feel the python’s tail, which he immediately learns is a mistake. The animal scrunches up and picks up speed, saying goodbye to his admirers.

Check out the video below to see just how huge this python is and please Rasplove if you think this is a very cool encounter for the two golfers!