Fussy Newborn Screams Nonstop — Until She Hears Dad’s Voice Hit Low Note


Every parent has a few signature moves for quieting down a fussy newborn baby.

Some babies will only sleep after they get a ride in the car, and others need to be cradled in just the right way, as demonstrated by Dr. Hamilton.

Daniel Eisenman’s young daughter likes to hear her dad hum, ‘Om.’

Daniel, the motivational speaker behind Breaking Normal, is unconventional in a lot of ways. He describes himself as a “solar-powered, Jesus-loving, polar-plunging modern-day nomad.”

Perhaps it’s not too surprising that his parenting style is just as quirky as the rest of his life!

His newborn daughter Divina gets cranky like any tiny baby. And he’s discovered that his voice can help soothe her back to sleep.

Many parents use lullabies to soothe their children, but Daniel has a slightly different approach.

To help lull his daughter and calm her down, he repeats the common mantra, ‘Om,’ at a deep, steady frequency.

In the video below, you can see the immediate impact this has on the fussy newborn baby. As soon as she hears her dad start chanting, she goes from squalling, red-faced baby anger, to total serenity and calm.

It’s pretty magical, and we can’t help but hope it works for people other than Daniel!

If you love this creative dad and his innovative approach to parenthood, be sure to Rasplove his method for other moms and dads!

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Posted by Daniel Eisenman: The Freedom Catalyst on Freitag, 21. April 2017