Freezing Kitten Hisses And Spits At Rescuer, So Rescuer Uses A Spatula To Change Her Attitude


After being scooped out of her hiding spot with a spatula and given a new lease on life, a certain hissy kitty has been entirely transformed!
Employees of an anonymous workplace were puzzled when a cat was meowing somewhere outside. Their manager broke the news, and one of the workers, a girl named Jenna, was immediately on the hunt. She went outside to follow the sounds of meowing, trying to locate the cat.

“I found her around 11PM, meowing in a frozen stream vent,” Jenna recalled. “After finally figuring out where she had hidden herself, she absolutely did not want to come out of her spot.”

Jenna tried to lure the cranky kitten out of her hiding spot, but even juicy pieces of chicken weren’t enough.


The tiny kitten hissed and spit and did everything to get her rescuer to go away.
Jenna said, “About an hour after trying to lure her out with chicken, I got a spatula from inside work and scooped her angry self out.”

Once she had been pried from her hiding spot, the little one gave up the fight. She was cold, tired, and exhausted. And Jenna wrapped her in a towel, placed her in a box, and took her home.


Jenna named the cat Nugget as a reminder of how they met.
“I fought her out of her outdoor hiding spot with a spatula so a food name seems fitting,” she explained. Once Nugget was safe and warm, the kitty gorged herself on a delicious meal— the first at her brand-new home.


Although Nugget was no longer hissing and spitting, she was still unsure about Jenna.
“[Nugget] spent the nights on a heating pad and her days hiding under my bed, then one day she fell asleep in my hand while purring like a motorboat and was supper affection from then on out!”

Nugget had finally accepted Jenna as her very own.


As the little kitten grew increasingly comfortable, her playful side began to show.

Nowadays, Nugget is enthusiastic about her life, which is filled with delicious food, comfy blankets, and endless cuddles and attention.
A few of Nugget’s favorite pastimes include cuddling with Jenna, bird-watching through the window, and napping. “Each day from noon to three she takes a nap on my chest, and every night she attacks my hands while I’m trying to sleep,” Jenna told Love Meow.



“She’s so energetic and loveable; I’m so happy she decided to let me know she was there the night I found her!”

Although Jenna wasn’t expecting to make a lifelong friend out of the hissy kitty rescued from the steam vent, Jenna says, “I wouldn’t trade her for the world.”