Footage of girl swinging scared dog by neck is causing outrage


This horrific story was uploaded to social media, but has since been taken down. I can understand why; it’s despicable treatment of an innocent dog by a sixteen year old girl. What evil thought entered this teen’s mind to possess her to do this to a dog?
Fortunately, before the post was eliminated, the RSPCA in England saw it and launched an investigation. I’d love to know what they found, wouldn’t you?

In 2007, the Animal Welfare Act became law in England. The RSCPA reports that on average, someone in England and Wales calls the 24-hour cruelty line for help every 30 seconds. 2016 alone pulled in 1,153,744 phone calls!

With approximately 340 RSPCA inspectors, more than 149,000 complaints of cruelty and neglect are investigated every year.3-255

In addition to the inspectors, there are 50 animal welfare officers and 88 animal collection officers working to prevent cruelty to animals and promote kindness toward animals.

This awful video makes me wonder about the girl in the video. What kind of person does this to an innocent animal? Many anthrozoologists think that childhood animal cruelty is a good predictor of later violence against humans.


The nonchalant way the teenager walks away after slinging the dog through the air may very well be an harbinger of things to come. And what about the videographer? Was that person innocent of the heinous act?
Someone took the video off the internet. We think it’s time it was put back on. Share this video with your followers on Facebook. And then tell us what you think of this detestable behavior. Does it make you as mad as it makes me?