Flower girl walks down the aisle looking for her dad, has cutest reaction when she spots him


When children are part of a wedding party, you never know how they are going to perform on the day of the event, because there is no telling what kind of mood they’re going to be in. Oftentimes a flower girl or a ring bearer will decide that they want to turn around when they are halfway down the aisle. And in other cases, flower girls have been known to actually throw the flowers at the seated guests, rather than delicately sprinkle the petals along the aisle.

Because the pint-sized wedding party members are so cute, they are often the focal point of the wedding. Who doesn’t want to see a ring bearer toddling down the aisle with a pacifier in his mouth while clutching a blanky?

There was one incident when the sister of the bride promised that her one-year-old would make a perfect flower girl as long as she could walk down the aisle with the help of her rolling walker. Well, that didn’t turn out as planned and the little girl decided at the last minute that she didn’t want to move. Luckily the guests at the wedding were good sports and they took turns getting up from their seats to help her get to her destination.

And then there are other flower girls who have the opposite approach. These are the little girls who take their role as flower girl so seriously that they try to upstage the bride. One little girl was so set on being the star that she actually walked in front of the bride and then walked by her side for the rest of the runs back and forth down the aisle.

There are a lot of things that come into play when it comes to having a child in a wedding. If you are dealing with a little one and their naps are usually right around the time of the wedding, then that is a disaster waiting to happen. A lack of nap could result in a major tantrum that is sure to put a kink in the planned wedding.

One couple didn’t know what to expect when they decided to have their one-year-old daughter as their flower girl. Considering she was just starting to walk, they weren’t quite sure if she would end up making it down the aisle, but she did and she ended up stealing the show.

The video below shows the adorable moment when the little girl makes her way down the aisle. It’s obvious that she is looking for a familiar face in the crowd and she looks hesitant as all the guests are leaning toward her taking photos and directing her where to go. One guest has the right idea and points to the flower girl’s daddy who is at the front of the church. As soon as the little girl looks up and sees her daddy crouched down eye level with her, she throws her arms out and sprints toward him, as if she’s just found her ultimate destination.