Five things chinese girls go crazy for


2 days in China taught me several things about its immensity. World’s most populous country has a lot of things to brag about. And it is totally acceptable bcoz China is ahead of the world in so many aspects.

But hey, I am not here to describe about the country and get you bored. All I want is, to share with you what caught my attention the most in China. And it’s none other than pretty Chinese girls. Yuss…

Chinese girls are no doubt, so cute.
Most of the Chinese girls looked dolls to me. Pretty cute… Almost all of them are head turners. I was so curious about their lifestyle, likes and dislikes etc… And I gathered answers to my queries from several Chinese and foreign girls who’re living there.

And here’s what I actually wanted you to know about — What Chinese girls love the most. Read on!

Undoubtedly girls around the world go crazy for selfies. But Chinese girls have taken selfie craze to the whole another level.

Walk around the streets of China and you will find yourself in the selfie land.

Perfect figure 
Who doesn’t want perfect body! But I found Chinese girls are quite obsessed about it. Keeping themselves well maintained from top to bottom is their first priority. Ask any Chinese woman and she’ll tell you they just want to be as thin as possible.

Online shopping
Ah man… Online shopping apps are where Chinese girls live on. Girls love online shopping but Chinese girls… it’s their favoritest.

Bigger eyes and nose
Now you already know that Chinese girls are very much conscious about their appearance. In addition to it, they are high in love with bigger eyes and nose. They find big-eyed girls beautiful and do not hesitate to pass compliments.

Happy to share that I got some… *wink*

White skin
Girls in China will leave no stone unturned to keep their skin fair. I wonder they think this way when they already have such fair complexion… One of the girls told me — Eyes, bigger the better, face whiter the better, and legs longer the better.

There are dozens of stuff women/girls in China go crazy for, but these five top the list.

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Cheers to all pretty girls in China...
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