Firefighters stop to help mom filling kiddie pool


Being a parent is tough. No matter how well you have it together, there always seems to be something that comes along to mess up your plans. One mom in Charlotte, North Carolina, just wanted to give her son a good birthday party. It was a hot day, and he wanted to swim. She decided to get him the perfect gift, a kiddie pool.

She set the pool up in the yard and started to fill it.
She didn’t have a hose, so the only way she could fill it up was with pots. She would go in fill up a pot then bring it out and dump it in the pool. It was going to take a lot of pots and a lot of time. Meanwhile, her children stood by watching and waiting. They weren’t sure if they going to get to swim that day or not.


Their poor mom kept trying to fill up the pool, then a firetruck drove by.
The firefighters saw what the woman was trying to do, and they felt bad. They knew it would take her forever to fill the pool up that way, and they could tell that the kids were getting impatient on such a sweltering hot day. They decided to help.

They took the hoses from the truck and used them to fill up the pool. The kids were jumping with joy and excitement about the pool. The mother couldn’t believe it. She was relieved and extremely grateful. She wasn’t going to have to fill up any more pots or worry about whether her son’s birthday party was going to be everything she hoped it would be.


Charlotte Fire Station 18 posted about the incident.
Officials were pretty proud of their firefighters. The post said:

“Firehouse 18 is a neighborhood firehouse full of men and woman who truly care about the families they swore to protect. Today, after leaving a medical call, Engine 18 stumbled across a family desperately trying to fill up a kiddy pool by filling pots from the sink for a little boys birthday on this sweltering day. What was just a simple task for us turned into laughter, smiles, and a lifelong memory for the neighborhood kids as well as the men on Engine 18? Proud to serve the WESTSIDE!”

3These firefighters definitely didn’t have to stop and take time out of their day to help this woman fill up her pool.
They saw a problem and had a way to fix it. They chose to help someone in need. It really shows what kind of people they are.


A lot of people read the post and saw the kind deed that these firefighters did for a local family.
Many people also commented on the post.

Kim Marks said:

“That family will never forget this memory!”

Shulonda Johns said:

“Men and women like you are the reason I still believe there is good in the world.”

Jeff Hyer said:

“What a great effort for the simple joys in life. God bless the men and women of Station 18 and all of those who serve those in their community.”

Sandy Brewer said:

“You fellows are terrific. Such a simple thing to make the kids and Mom happy. Thank you so much. God bless you all.”


There is so much bad news shared on social media, so it’s nice to see something like this. It just proves that there are good people in the world and they will help others.

This family will always remember the kindness they were shown and hopefully, they will pay it forward one day when they can. We should all be more caring and helpful toward our neighbors and our community. The firefighters at Station 18 are great people, and they deserve to have their story shared.

Firehouse 18 is a neighborhood firehouse full of men and woman who truly care about the families they swore to protect….

Gepostet von Charlotte Fire Station 18 (The Wild Wild West) am Sonntag, 24. Juni 2018

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