Farmer Enacts A Perfect Revenge On A Person Who Dumped Rubbish On His Property


Some people think they are too smart to follow the rules. But there are several rules in our life that work even for these people. One of them means that you always need to be ready for the consequences of your actions.

One not very law-abiding guy didn’t want to pay for his garbage, so he decided it would be a great idea to dump his rubbish on a farmer’s land. He left the garbage bags right down the road.


But that was a wrong decision.

The man was so stupid that he dumped something with information about him. The farmer was lucky to find the address on an envelope. And what he did next? Yes, you are right. He returned the favor. Here is the result.


I think this farmer chose the perfect way to take revenge. I hope it will be a good lesson for the cunning person: don’t dump your garbage on other people’s land. He got exactly what he deserves, and what do you think? Maybe the farmer should call the police instead? What would you do if someone dumped garbage on your property?

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