Ellen Is About To Meet A Guest Who’s 7 Months Pregnant, But Has To Walk Off Set To Find Her


Leave it to Ellen to double-down on such a heartwarming surprise.

Back in 2011, Kylie and Daniel bought tickets to Ellen’s Mother’s Day episode, but it was sold out. Kylie was especially disappointed to be missing out, because she was seven months pregnant with a baby girl.

To make up for it, Ellen’s staff invited the couple to another show taping. They were taken to the green room, thinking they were waiting to be seated in the audience.

Here’s a little backstory about them: After getting married, Kylie and Daniel moved to LA so Daniel could attend dental school. But it wasn’t long before his student loans started to pile up… and a baby was on the way.

Oh, and they’d been getting around via a scooter. A scooter!

So, when Ellen learned Kylie and Daniel were expecting their first child but were drowning in debt, she decided they could use a big surprise.

First, though, she needed to leave the set completely and make a very unexpected appearance backstage…

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