Dog has destroyed every toy for 7 years — until she met this one


Phoenix and her sister, Arizona, were abandoned on the streets when they were just tiny puppies. They were eventually found, filthy and terrified, and taken in by a shelter. Phoenix was taken in as a foster, and soon became a foster fail. She’s been with her dad for around seven years now and is so spoiled — especially when it comes to toys.

Phoenix’s dad has gifted her dozens and dozens of toys over the years. She always takes the toys excitedly and plays with them vigorously — until a couple days later, when the toy is, inevitably, completely destroyed.

“She’ll take the toy and go hide away with it in a corner of the house or on the couch,” Joe Weissbach, Phoenix’s dad, told The Dodo. “She is never too aggressive with any of her toys, though, and at most she’ll toss it around and pounce on it a little. After a while, though, she’ll always hunker down with it and meticulously start pulling it apart with her teeth. She immediately goes for the plastic squeaker first then proceeds to rip out any cotton or filling from the toy.”

Phoenix’s dad still gets her new toys, even though he knows they will be destroyed within a matter of days. He recently bought her a stuffed dragon and expected the same thing to happen — but for some reason, Phoenix reacted to her new dragon much differently.

At first, Phoenix took her new toy away and hid with it, just like she always does, and her dad didn’t think anything was different. After a few days, though, the dragon was still completely intact, and showed no signs of falling apart anytime soon.

“She hasn’t tossed it around or pounced on it at all,” Weissbach said. “It has a couple nostrils protruding from its nose and the most I’ve seen her do is carefully nibble at those. She always has it on her dog bed, though, so it’s right next to her when she’s lying there or she’s cuddling with it.”

For some reason, Phoenix absolutely adores her toy dragon and refuses to destroy it. It’s been a few months now, and the dragon toy is still (mostly) intact. She nibbles gently at its nose, but otherwise, all she does is cuddle nonstop with her new favorite toy. She always has it cradled lovingly between her paws …

… and even falls asleep with it.

Phoenix’s dad has no idea how long the dragon toy will actually last, but for now, Phoenix is completely smitten with it, and they’re both so glad she’s finally found a toy she loves enough to keep around.