Doctors Spotted Something Strange On Her Ultrasound. Now People Look At Her With Amazement When She Walks With Her Baby!


When 28-year-old Natasha Gent from the UK, had her 20th-week ultrasound, the doctors saw something unusual around babies head. After some examination, they concluded it was hair and predicted the child wouldn’t be bold when born. However, when the woman finally delivered a healthy baby girl, she was shocked.



The baby’s hair was very long and thick, which is really rare. Natasha decided not to cut it off, and now at the age of just four months her child, Holly had beautiful black locks.



Isn’t she lovely? Natasha says that Holly adores washing and brushing her hair. She also enjoys drying it with a fan!



The happy family has attracted much attention from people both in the streets and on the Internet. Such gorgeous shag is rare in babies, so probably they won’t be cutting it off for quite a while! Most likely Holly had it from her mother who has long and black locks too.

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