Do You Think You Took After Your Dad? You Are Mistaken! Here Are A Few Amazing Facts From The World Of Genetics


Genetics is an extremely serious and interesting science. It knows a lot more about us than we do! It is a science that studies the laws of heredity. Among people there are many different legends about what a girl inherits from her father or a boy inherits from his mother. Sometimes we completely agree with this, and sometimes we vehemently deny it. Now it’s time to shed some light on this story! Here are true and interesting facts for you.

1. Intellectual skills are not inherited by sons from fathers but only from mothers.

2. Though, do not worry, because weak intellectual skills will not be passed from a father to a son.

3. However, a daughter will inherit half of the intellectual capabilities of the father.

4. The son will inherit a good intellect from a mother who inherited it from her father.

5. The daughter of the father-genius will be half-wise, but her son will be the same genius!

6. Women most often have a high level of intelligence, but they rarely become geniuses in comparison with men. It’s also true about weak intellectual skills.

Conclusions for women:

Your son’s intellect is a copy of your father!

Your daughter will inherit an upbringing from you, and intellectual skills from her father. The sons of your daughter will fully inherit the level of intelligence of your husband!

Conclusions for men:

Your son’s mental capabilities will be identical to those of your wife’s father.

Your daughter will inherit from you half of your intellectual. Her son will take from you regarding your intellectual skills.

Your intellect you inherited from your mom, and she — from her father.

Give it some thought! At first glance, everything seems very confusing, but in reality, it is quite simple. Always think in advance about who you want to have children with!