Do You Think This Is A Picture Of A Squirrel? Look Closely, You Will Not Regret It!


Paul Smith died in 2007 at the age of 85. You may have never heard of him. The first 16 years of his life he learned to walk and talk. Paul lived all his life in the parental home, and after his parents’ death he lived in a nursing home. The man was born with cerebral palsy.

If you think this is the end of a short and sad story, you are greatly mistaken. Paul Smith’s life was anything but small and sad.

Paul was a chess master, a deeply religious man, a sports fan, a lover of good music and nature. But he clearly had a talent for art.

Because of cerebral palsy he couldn’t use brushes and paint, thus all his works have been made by using the typewriter. Every painting is a great work of art.

Paul began printing his pictures at the age of 11. During his life he brought this skill to perfection. Each drawing is pure skill. Recently a collection of works by Paul Smith has been published.