Do You Leave A Glass Of Water Next To Your Bed When You Go To Sleep? DON’T Drink It When You Wake Up!


There’s nothing like a glass of fresh, clean water. It’s the best thing we can do for our body. And a very common habit among many people is to pour a glass of water before going to bed and putting it to one side, so that they have something to drink when they wake up… We should stop doing it! It’s a big, big mistake.


We’re even sure that you’ve felt that first glass of water taste differently. We must remember that when we sleep is when we produce more carbon dioxide. It’s our body taking full advantage to get rid of toxins and renew dead cells… And that glass of water is what absorbs all of it.


The best advice is to always pour yourself a glass of fresh, clean water. Only this way can we give our body the hydration it truly needs and greet it with a good morning.