Deaf baby boy hears family for very first time thanks to hearing aids


Developments in modern medicine and technology have combined in ever-more-impressive ways. Yesterday’s science fiction is today’s reality.

We have devices now that would blow people’s minds just a hundred years ago. We’ve made so many advances that have drastically altered our day-to-day lives, for better and for worse.

But one family is basking in the fullness medicine and technology has brought to their youngest son.

Asher was born deaf. He’s never had the opportunity to hear most of the things that babies hear — both before and after being born.

His mother could sing, but he’d only see her lips move soundlessly. His dad could cheer him on and say hello, but it was only motion.

His brothers would interact with him, but their howls and childlike shouts were muted. The world was not entirely accessible to Asher, and during such a crucial time in his growth.

After finding out he was deaf, his parents made arrangements to get him hearing aids. You’ve no doubt seen some of the videos of young children getting fitted with the device and realizing what they’ve been missing the whole time.

This particular video shows Asher taking in a whole new angle of reality. He can hardly seem to deal with the amount of information he can now process.

The little family is packed into a small room, most likely at the doctor’s since you can see the doctor off to the side in a swivel chair.

As the woman who is presumably his mum holds him up, he swivels his head back and forth, quickly for such a small child. You can see him tracking sounds, and how he’s soaking it all in.

Dad’s voice talks to him from above, and Asher can finally hear his name being spoken to him.

He smiles readily but is so intent on hearing everything that he barely has time to smile before turning to see where another sound is. And there’s sound all around him!

Mom, dad, and two young brothers all smother him with attention. He can’t decide who to focus on.

“Look at him! He never moves his head this much,” said mom.

Online, the parents shared their joy during those moments: “He smiled from ear to ear when he first hears his daddy’s voice. His big brothers came to witness the miracle, they were so happy. It was a beautiful moment for us as a family.”

A beautiful moment to share with the world, too. A rare moment caught for us to enjoy, as well — welcome to the world of sound, baby Asher!