Daughter Tells Dad ‘There Are 30 Cows In A Field And 28 Chickens,’ But He Doesn’t Get The Joke


Here’s a joke:

There are 30 cows in a field and 28 chickens.

How many didn’t?

Get it?

Well, if you do, congratulations: You’re either a joke-decoding genius, or you’ve seen it hanging around the internet before.

This father in Dublin, Ireland, obviously didn’t get it when his giggling daughter put the question to him.

“How many didn’t?” he asks her. “How many didn’t what?”

Little by little, those Irish eyes stop smiling.

“Thirty cows. Twenty-eight chickens,” Dad says, scowling. “It’s the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in me life.”

“You didn’t get it?” the girl replies. “You have to get it!”

But dad’s just about done here. Same goes for the dog on the bed, who starts barking and growling, clearly expressing the canine version of Dad’s feelings.

Dad even seems to consult his phone for a moment. Then he decides this incomprehensible joke isn’t worth another moment of his time and makes to leave.

“Do you want the answer?” she teases him, before finally explaining.

She says: “10 — 10 didn’t eat chickens.”

Dad hovers in the doorway for a moment before releasing a torrent of laughter.

We’ve seen some tough jokes before. Of course, dads and jokes can be a killer combination. But this is a joke that may need to be spelled out before it can make sense to a lot of us.

Look at it like this: Thirty cows in a field. Twenty ate chickens. How many didn’t eat chickens.

Get it??

Still, we think the funniest part of this joke is dad’s Irish meltdown.

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