Daughter Asks Dad To Babysit Her Baby. What He Does Makes Him An Internet Star!


Trent McCain, a truck driver from Kansas has recently made the internet explode. His Facebook post with pictures has been viewed by more than 200,000 people, and thousands of users left their comments under it.

The photos show Trent and a fancy dressed female doll with crazy hairstyle and piercing blue eyes doing many things together – from driving a truck to having lunch at Coke and Slim Jim. The man spent the whole day with the doll and documented all fun things they did together.

You might have assumed that Trent has gone crazy, but it isn‘t the reason why he hanged out and even worked with the doll. In fact, Abbie, the doll, belongs to his little daughter Joselyn who asked him to babysit her ‘baby’ one night. Trent didn‘t think she was serious and agreed.


The next day, when he was leaving for work, Joselyn reminded him he had to take care of the doll. The truck driver had no other choice than to take Abbie to work with him.
Then, he came up with an idea to make his ‘babysitting’ fun for everyone.

He uploaded the pictures along with the comment: “I didn’t want Joselyn thinking I threw Abbie in the sleeper and forgot about her.”


What is more, Trent asked his dad to hold the doll and took a sweet picture of them.


What an amazing dad! We are sure his little daughter was happy to see those photos.